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My name is Anthony Orefice and I suffered a spinal cord injury in 1993 due to a motorcycle accident.  My life was forever changed, yet many great things have resulted from my paralysis.

Since 1997, I have been selling medical supplies, specializing in catheters.  I personally know the importance of using the best catheters on the market.  My work has given me the opportunity of meeting many spinal cord injured people and informing them about the different types of catheters that will give them a better quality of life.

I am proud to say that with God's help and that of my family and friends, I am able to rise above my injury.  I have been married for 13 years and we are blessed to have a 5 year-old-son.  I continue to teach my son that life does not always turn out as we plan, and that we have to play the cards that we are dealt.  Despite my injury, I do my best to appreciate every day and to live each one to the fullest.  I consider these last 19 years to be "bonus time," and therefore look forward to reaching out and helping others with similar injuries.  

In my spare time, I enjoy speaking at local schools, 
meeting newly injured individuals and sharing my passions of overcoming challenges and participating in sporting events with others living with paralysis.

I feel very fortunate to be able to provide my clients with the most advanced catheters on the market.  By doing so, I know I can provide them with a better quality of life.

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